New cosmos is the first popular gas detector in Japan which has an unshakable position in the household market for many years

  • Hydrogen energy is not only clean , it is also eady to transportation. Many countries treat Hydrogen energy is strategy energy source. It will not have problem of battery life issue in EV.
  • People may think Hydrogen is combustible and dangerous. If there is good solution for the leak detection it wont be problem. New Cosmos had series of Hydrogen gas detector from portable to fix type. New Cosmos also have experience in helping deployment of Hydrogen gas station Gas Alarm system in Japan.
  • 2019 of LNG net trade increase 80% in China. No.1 importer in the world. Korea is also significantly increase. They all aware of the industrial impact to the environment. LNG is clean, safe and convenient. It can replace the use of energy especially in Power plant.

New cosmos

Toyota's new MIRAI equipped with New Cosmos in-vehicle hydrogen detectors

  • Our unique hydrogen sensor brings safety in the new Toyota MIRAI.
  • (01-03-2021) New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd. has started supplying hydrogen detectors for the new "MIRAI" fuel cell vehicle which Toyota Motor Corporation began selling in December 2020.
  • Development history.
  • We have developed a unique sensor with excellent hydrogen selectivity and have used it in various gas detectors and alarm systems. The contact combustion type gas sensor used for this hydrogen detector achieves both high response and high durability by our proprietary catalyst technology. We achieve stable supply of gas sensors by mass production technology cultivated over many years by manufacturing household gas alarms.
  • The hydrogen detector is mounted on top of the tank or stack as a hydrogen safety component.
  • Figure: Toyota Motor Corporation website posted「NEW MIRAI PRESS INFORMATION 2020」
  • Quoted from “New Fuel Cell System Safety Measures #2”
  • We also sell gas warning systems for hydrogen stations, and about 80% of stations in Japan use our gas detection and warning systems. Demand for hydrogen pipes and portable gas detectors for equipment inspection is also increasing. We will continue to support the development and safety of the hydrogen energy society through the sale of various products that "detect and notify hydrogen."
  • New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd. (JASDAQ listing: Securities code 6824, Address: 2-5-4 Mitsuya, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, TEL: 06-6308-2111, President: Yoshinori Takahashi, Capital: 1.46 billion yen)

※1.The gas alarm contact is of standard specification. It needs to be specified when it is used as a fault contact。
※2.ATEX explosion proof certificate has been obtained (to be specified)。
※3.No intense temperature and humidity changes and no condensation。

New Cosmos characteristic

  • With concentration.The small light gas detection unit with alarm display function can see the gas concentration and alarm status at a glance even on site, which helps to ensure the safety of operators
  • The output can be confirmed by the inspection department during maintenance, and one person can also correct and reduce the cost
  • Corresponding hydrogen explosion-proof(ExdIB+H2T4X)。
  • Use magnetic rod adjustment for easy maintenance
  • waterproof●Dustproof structure(Protection level IP65)。
  • New Cosmos Test object gas

    combustible gas, toxic gas, etc
    New Cosmos gas concentration display LED display:value 4-digit display
    Power Supply DC24V+20%